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Living Marine Aquarium
Our Top download in 2003 and 2004
Enjoy the calm serenity of our new "Living Marine Aquarium Screensaver". Watch as the beautiful tropical fish swim realistically around a beautiful aquarium on your screen, giving the illusion of actually having an aquarium in your monitor! Click here to select Living Marine Aquarium
Living 3D Dolphins

Watch the amusing 3D dolphins and fish swim the ocean floor.
Living Marine Aquarium v2.0

Beautiful, exotic, 3D fish swim alluringly through your desktop aquarium.
Living Waterfalls 2

Feel renewed with this spectacular flowing waterfall.
3D Snowy Cottage

Unwind to the magic of accumulating snow.
Calm Before the Storm

Witness the rage of the storm as it erupts on your desktop.
Lake Scenes

Enchanting, realistic lake scenes bring your desktop alive with nature.
Living Waterfalls

Enjoy the breathtaking beauty of flowing waterfalls.
Living 3D Butterflies

Watch your screen come alive with the beauty of spectacular 3D butterflies.
3D Christmas Cottage

Accumulating snow makes this scene a Christmas wonderland.
Living 3D Sharks

Six varieties of life-like 3D sharks and fish lurk in the ocean depths.
Whales and Dolphins

The gracefulness of these gigantic creatures is mesmerizing as they swim over a colorful coral reef.
Autumn Scenes

Watch as the splendor of autumn emblazes your screen.

Dare to enter the haunted graveyard as spirits materialize for a night of terror.
Haunted House

Make your skin crawl as your desktop comes alive with spirits and spooks.
Turkey Shoot

Start the action as you begin the hunt for your holiday dinner.
3D Christmas Tree

Decorate your desktop christmas tree.